Consulting Services

Orientating a new Manager or Mentor an Existing Manager

An independent consultant can assist in training a new person to a management position or improve the skill of an existing manager.

Frequently managers are appointed for their background and perceived skill they may have. Stepping up from Registered Nurse to Manager, for some people, is a major hurdle. While some people manage the step-up well, others find it more difficult.

One on one coaching and mentoring will give your manager the skill to manage staff and residents and family quickly and effectively and increase the persons ability to manage more effectively and efficiently on their own.

We will train the Manager to:

  • Understand systems
  • Employ new staff
  • Manage conflict
  • Build an effectively team
  • Interview prospective clients
  • Prepare for an Audit including maintenance auditing
  • Deal with non-performing staff
  • Market and sell the facility
  • Meet contractual requirements
The service process:
  • Work on-site side by side with your Manager for a specified time
  • Offer on going support after completion of training through regular contact and up-skilling
  • Provide you with regular feedback and recommendations for the future development and suitability of person to the position appointed.
  • Develop an exit strategy for disengagement from your Manager upon completion of training or coaching so you Manager can function effectively on their own

Leigh is also available for holiday relief in aged care facilities throughout New Zealand - November to January each year.


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