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"The Art of Care Giving, A Guide to Caregivers Satisfaction" by Leigh Kelly

Know your role (excerpt from Chapter One)

It is important when you start caregiving to know what your role is. I don’t mean your job description. I mean what it is that you are supposed to be achieving.

Throughout life you will have been thrown in at the deep end one way or another. Being a parent is probably the most significant time most people remember. Actually, caregiving is not very different. You will give care in direct proportion to what you think your role should be. Just like being a parent. You do what you have learned from our parents or what you think is right.

However you will always be presented with certain situations that will force or encourage you to question what you are doing and ask yourself “is there a better way to do this?” Mistakes are normal. It is how you learn but if you don’t continually evaluate and correct what you are doing then you are certain to keep making the same mistakes over and over again and wonder why you keep getting the same results.

It is the same with caregiving. If you treat others the way you were treated by your parents or the way you saw your parents treat their parents, you may not get the joy out of caregiving that took you there in the first place.

Perhaps now it would be a good place to define what Caregiving is. It is the giving of yourself to another person to enable another person to live or to grow and expand. It is to facilitate another person’s growth or journey, if you like. It is not about getting people to do as they are told or do what you want them to do at all costs, or about breaking another persons will and getting them to comply with your wishes. It is about setting up such a rapport with the person that they have complete trust in you and are willing to be guided to achieve a desired outcome FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

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Understanding and Dealing with Dementia: A Caregiver's Guide

Are You Struggling With Caring For A Loved One Who Is Suffering From Dementia?

Learn How To Conquer Your Emotions And Find Inner Peace While Being A Caregiver For A Loved One With Dementia

  • Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, the person you are caring for is getting more and more distant?
  • Are you tired and frustrated because you’re finding it difficult to cope with your new reality?
  • Or are you angry because you feel all your hopes and dreams have been put on pause?
  • As you may have realized by now, you cannot change the other person no matter how much you think you know them…

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