Defining Caregivers

I have a mission.  It is to Change the Face of Caregiving. 

Some of you will have heard me talk about this at training session, and you will have all seen the aim of Clinical Update (NZ) Ltd but perhaps have not fully grasped what I mean when I talk "caregiver' so let me explain.

A caregiver, to me, is anyone who provides care and guidance to someone else.  They maybe Registered Nurses & Enrolled Nurses, Professional Caregivers (those who are paid) Informal caregivers (those who are not paid) like parents, spouses, siblings, neighbours, friends etc and also includes all health professionals and educational professionals.  In fact it includes everyone, for at some time in our lives we may be in the situation of caring, in its broadest sense, for someone. 

As a caregiver, we have a huge responsibility to encourage, assist and empower the person or people in our charge, to be the best they can be.  Unfortunately many see their caregiver role as to control and dominate the person in their "care" to get the person to conform and comply to how the carer sees they should be or do.  This disempowers people.

So how do we empower the caregiver to not disempower another person? 

Empowerment of a person can only be achieved through training, to change the perception the caregiver has of their role as a carer.  Empowerment through training is our aim.

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We are passionate about empowerment through training.