Clinical Update provides expert care training for Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Caregivers

Objectives of training:

  • Foster safe clinical practice
  • Supporting nurses to keep their knowledge current and relevant
  • Inspire confidence in the work place
  • Supporting people to meet their Statutory requirements
  • Keeping nurses skill current for Practicing Certificate requirements
  • Clinical Updates:        
    Assist in maintaining the skill levels of Registered and Enrolled nurses working in the private Aged Care industry with clinical knowledge industry related information. Read more >>

  • In-House Education:
    In-house care training for facilities to help them understand their roles as caregivers, people and clinical skills training. Read more >>

    “Leigh is a very good trainer. I have learned a lot and I can also use this knowledge for our certification. Her presentations are very clear and very easy to understand and I really like her worksheets very much.” - Manager, Mission Bay

  • Consulting
    Orientating a new Manager or Mentor an Existing Manager.
    An independent consultant can assist in training a new person to a management position or improve the skill of an existing manager.

The Art of Caregiving - a guide to caregiver satisfaction >>

"I just wanted to say thank you for the book 'The Art of Caregiving'. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and have started to read it again! I want to take your book to our first Staff Meeting 2009. I was very impressed with all that you wrote, and for people who love the work they do, caregiving, it is a marvellous resource." - Arlene Hutcheon


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JULY 2014
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Code of Conduct & Professional Boundaries
Code of Conduct & Professional Boundaries
Managing Staff and Business Performance - Auckland
Code of Conduct & Professional Boundaries
South Island
Code of Conduct & Professional Boundaries
Palmerston North
Respiratory & Cardiac Clinical Update - Mt Wellington Auckland

Immunology and Inflammatory Response Workshop - Mt Wellington Auckland

The Art of Care Giving, A Guide to Caregivers Satisfaction by Leigh Kelly
Leigh Kelly's latest book:
"The Art of Care Giving, A Guide to Caregivers Satisfaction."
Just Launched!

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